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The Suteans were a race of Semitic people that lived throughout Mesopotamia and migrated to the region around 1350 BCE. During this period there was a sort of stagnation of the Assyria and nomadic tribes were increasingly able to settle near the borders of civilizations.

It was also during this period that the civilization of Chaldea and Aram came about. Eventually the short lived civilization of the Suteans was assimilated into the cultures of both Assyria and later Babylonia as the two empires established hegemony and cultural influence throughout the region.

They were known to have been based initially out of the city-state of Emar in northeastern Syria and begun to gain territory around 1100 BCE. They were eventually conquered along with the rest of Mesopotamia by the Assyrian Empire as it advanced out of the Bronze Age Collapse and grew into the Neo-Assyrian Empire.


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