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Third Mariote Kingdom


The third kingdom[edit] Third Mariote Kingdom Mari ← Empire akkad c. 2266 BC–c. 1761 BC Babylone 1 → The third kingdom during the reign of Zimri-Lim c. 1764 BC Capital Mari Languages Akkadian, Amorite Religion Levantine Religion Government Monarchy Historical era Bronze Age • Established c. 2266 BC • Disestablished c. 1761 BC Today part of Syria Iraq Mari was deserted for two generations before being restored by the Akkadian king Manishtushu.[37][38] A governor was appointed to govern the city who held the title "Shakkanakku" (military governor).[38] Akkad kept direct control over the city, which is evident by Naram-Sin of Akkad's appointment of two of his daughters to priestly offices in the city.[38]


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