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Ammi-Ditana was an Amorite king of the First Dynasty of Babylon. He succeeded his father Abi-Eshuh and is known to have reigned between 1683 BCE and 1640 BCE. He has thirty-seven recorded year names and there are other fragments which suggest he may have even ruled longer. The reign of Ammi-Ditani over Babylonia was largely peaceful and he engaged in public works projects and temple building.

He does have one recorded military campaign to destroy the city walls of Der which had been established by Damiq-ilishu from Isin. He would be succeeded in rule by his son named Ammi-Saduqa around 1582 BCE.

Preceded by Abi-Eshuh Kings of Babylon 1683-1640s BC Succeeded by Ammi-Saduqa

First Dynasty of Babylon

King NameReign
Sumu-Abum1830—1817 BCE
Sumu-la-El1817—1781 BCE
Sabium1781—1767 BCE
Apil-Sin1767—1749 BCE
Sin-Muballit1748—1729 BCE
Hammurabi1728—1686 BCE
Samsu-iluna1686—1648 BCE
Abi-Eshuh1648—1620 BCE
Ammi-Ditana1620—1583 BCE
Ammi-Saduqa1582—1562 BCE
Samsu-Ditana1562—1531 BCE


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