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Mursilis II


Mursilis II, also spelled Mursili II was a king of the Hittite Empire between 1321 BCE and 1295 BCE according to the Short Chronology. He was the third born son to one of the previous kings of the Hittites named Suppiluliuma I.

One of his older brothers was named Arnuwanda II and it is known he had one other brother and a sister.

Mursili is known to have had several children with his first wife Gassulawiya including three sons named Muwatalli, Hattusili III and Halpasulupi. A daughter named Massanauzzi (referred to as Matanaza in correspondence with the Egyptian king Ramesses II) was married to Masturi, a ruler of a vassal state. Mursili had further sons with a second wife named Tanuhepa. The names of the sons of this second wife have not been recorded however.[2] Through his son Muwatalli he had a grandson who also ruled the kingdom, Mursili III, Queen Maathorneferure and Tudhaliya IV were also grandchildren of Mursili II.


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