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Suma-la-El, also spelled as Sumulael or Sumu-la-ilu was an Amorite king of the First Dynasty of Babylon who reigned between 1817 BCE and 1781 BCE. Suma-la-El would come into power following the succession of Sumu-Abum and would be succeeded himself by Sabium. Not much else is known about his rule as the city-state kingdom of Babylon was just getting its start.

[1] Year names of Sumu-la-El of Babylon - CDLI Regnal titles Preceded by Sumu-abum King of Babylon 1817 BC-1781 BC Succeeded by Sabium

First Dynasty of Babylon

King NameReign
Sumu-Abum1830—1817 BCE
Sumu-la-El1817—1781 BCE
Sabium1781—1767 BCE
Apil-Sin1767—1749 BCE
Sin-Muballit1748—1729 BCE
Hammurabi1728—1686 BCE
Samsu-iluna1686—1648 BCE
Abi-Eshuh1648—1620 BCE
Ammi-Ditana1620—1583 BCE
Ammi-Saduqa1582—1562 BCE
Samsu-Ditana1562—1531 BCE


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