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List of Phoenician city-states and colonies[edit] This is a list of cities of Phoenicia proper, modern-day Lebanon, coastal Syria and northern Israel/Palestine and those cities founded or developed by the Phoenicians in the Levant / Eastern Mediterranean area, North Africa, Europe, and the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. Levant[edit] Lebanon[edit] Sur - One of the two leading-city states of Phoenicia and the most important seaport Sydon - One of the two leading city-states of Phoenicia Ampi Amia Arqa Baalbek Botrys Berut Gebal - One of the oldest sites of civilization Sarepta Tripoli, Lebanon Syria[edit] Arvad Ugarit Latakia - also known by its Phoenician name was Ramitha Palestine Palestine[edit] Acre Ashkelon Jaffa Haifa Eastern Mediterranean[edit] Turkey[edit] Myriandrus - in modern-day Turkey Sam'al - Cilicia; in modern-day Turkey. Fortress city protecting the trade route to Anatolia Karatepe Finike - historically known as Phoenicus Cyprus[edit] Kition, also known as Citium (in Latin). North Africa[edit] Algeria[edit] Tipaza Libya[edit] Oea Sabratha Leptis Magna - major city on the Libyan coastline Morocco[edit] Lixus Mogador Tangier Tunisia[edit] Carthage - the most powerful of the Phoenician settlements, eventually being destroyed by the Romans Utica - earliest settlement in Africa Hippo Diarrhytus - now Bizerte, the northernmost city in Africa Hadrumetum Leptis Parva Thapsus Kerkouane Zama Regia - the last place Hannibal fought and the place where his first and only major defeat occurred Vaga Europe / Elsewhere[edit] Italy[edit] Genoa Motya Soluntum Venice Lilybaeum, also known as Marsala Nora Sulcis Tharros Olbia Cagliari Palermo Malta[edit] Mdina Rabat Burmula, (Bormla/Cospicua)De Soldanis/G.F. Abela/Achille Ferris Portugal[edit] Lisbon[1][2][3] Spain[edit] Cádiz also known as Gades - earliest Phoenician settlement in Spain Cartagena - the capital city founded by Hamilcar Barca of Carthage after conquering the Iberian tribes Almuñécar La Fonteta (Guardamar del Segura) Trayamar Baria(Villaricos) Abdera Málaga Huelva Ibiza Lixus Barcelona (according to one legend another says it's Greek) Lebrija San Roque Tarragona Sources[edit] Phoenicia - From the Encyclopedia of the Orient References[edit] Jump up ^ Peter Whitfield (2005). Cities of the World: A History in Maps. University of California Press. p. 99. ISBN 978-0-520-24725-3. Jump up ^ Nathan Laughlin Pilkington (2013). "An Archaeological History of Carthaginian Imperialism". Academic Commons, Columbia University. p. 170. Retrieved 19 August 2014. Jump up ^ David Wright; Patrick Swift (1 January 1971). Lisbon: a portrait and a guide. Barrie and Jenkins. p. 150. ISBN 978-0-214-65309-4.


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