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Revolt of Babylon


The Revolt of Babylon in 626 BC refers to a series of events from 626 BC to 616 BC when the Babylonians succeeded in establishing their independence and removing the last Assyrian influence in their domains. The revolt is one of the key factors contributing to the fall of Assyria; within four years of the end of the revolt, the Assyrian presence in Mesopotamia ends and the Assyrians fled into exile at Harran in the eastern parts of Syria. Revolt of Babylon (626 BC) Date 626 BC Location Babylon and surrounding lands Result Decisive Babylonian victory; eviction of Assyrian troops Belligerents Babylonians Assyrians Commanders and leaders Nabopolassar Ashur-Etil-Ilani (627 - 624 BC) Sin-Shar-Ishkun (624 - 612 BC)

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